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    Alpine cooking

    La cuisine de l'Alpe Thierry Thorens

    Cooking in the Alps follows the unchanging rhythm of the seasons, of nature and man’s various activities. Generations of shepherds, peasants and livestock breeders have invented flavours which have given mountain cooking its character which is at one with a friendly and welcoming way of life.

    Each ingredient and every recipe from these mountains bears witness to the traditions associated with high-altitude meadows, mountain gardens, stables, cheese dairies, salters, wood-fired ovens, orchards, grain stores, presses and cellars… flavours and smells from Alpine cooking which seem inextricably linked with our childhood memories. Exploring them helps us get closer to this vibrant cooking style that’s vigorous yet subtle, enriched with many different influences.

    Following Thierry Thorens – member of the Order of Compagnon Cuisiniers and Morzine restaurateur who learned his craft with the best chefs in the business – the distinctive character of his recipes and craft (indicative of an Alpine culture) soon asserts itself as one that is born out of tradition, while also being a source of modernity and invention.

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