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    The chicken and the egg

    Livre La Poule et l'Oeuf Thierry Thorens

    After writing books about rice, fruit, spices and flower, Thierry Thorens continues his encyclopaedic culinary adventure with a new edition devoted to cooking poultry and eggs. A staunch defender of flavoursome food, Thorens gives pride of place to fine local foodstuffs, using spices or ingredients from around the world to create inventive and enjoyable recipes.

    Dishes include fondue of chicken with green tea and ginger, chilli duck with horsechestnut, roasted goose with dry and fresh fruit, fried eggs with a nutty parmesean and parsley pesto, hard-boiled eggs with sorrel, tomato and lemon balm or even tapenade of hard-boiled eggand split-pea with juniper. In all, more than 300 original recipes with tips and advice from a true professional that will help you make refreshing new meals for those you love using simple ingredients. 

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