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    The flavour of fruit

    Le goût des fruits Thierry Thorens

    With more than 600 recipes ( sweet, savoury or sweet savoury), this recipe book provides a fresh reappraisal of fruits so that they take their rightful place in every meal, whatever the season.

    Choosing no less than 57 everyday and rarer fruits, Thierry Thorens creates salads, soups and starters, main courses, puddings hot and cold, jams, conserves and drinks. In honour of these fruits sourced form the world over, Thorens has focused on the interplay of different culinary cultures, revisited traditional recipes and concocted new and surprising flavour combinations. To accompagny the reader on this journey into the fruit world, Dominique Michel explains each ingredient’s story ( whether short or long), as well as their use in cooking.

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