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    Rice in all its form

    Le riz dans tous ses états Thierry Thorens

    This four-handed recipe book is an invitation to explore the story behind rice, its botanical and agricultural roots, the rites and legends that accompany it and finally its metamorphosis when cooked. Claudine Rabaa describes the origins of rice before retracing its impact when it arrived in Africa, Brazil, North America and Europe, before discussing different rices of the world: long, round, white or red, sticky or aromatic… all have their part in enriching the gastronomic possibilities of this most cosmopolitain of cereals.

    On the practical front, Thierry Thorens offers more than 200 original recipes, savoury and sweet, with new ans surprising ingredient combinations which give a fresh and flavoursome approach to cooking with rice: creamed rice with beef and cumin, salad of wild rice with cream of thyme, rice with rosemary and duck, salmon paté with lovage – scented rice, and even rice in red wine with blueberries….

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