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    Shepherd-style cooking

    La cuisine des Bergers Thierry Thorens

    For walkers, shepherds and lovers of the great outdoors, Thierry Thorens has created around 50 delicious recipes that are original and quick to make: tapendade of hard-boiled egg with pickles (gherkins and onions), thick soup of greens, potato and bacon fritters, shepherd’s fondue with wild thyme, pine-infused trout and generous wild fruit tart.

    Every recipe places a premium on different flavours and quality ingredients by combining herbs, fruit or freshly picked leaves with foodstuffs that can either be taken along in a rucksack or purchased from local producers while out walking. There’s little call for kitchen utensils in the recipes which can also be prepared at home before you head out. This handy guide fits easily into a bag or pocket and is an indispensable companion for all those who love the outdoors and want to savour the taste of the region they’re exploring, whether as a picnic or in a mountain refuge come nightfall.

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