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    Slate miners’ artic char

    Recette ombre chevalier Thierry Thorens

    Serves 4

    • 4 artic char, gutted and cleaned, weighing about 250g
    • 400 g extremely fresh white tomme cheese
    • 1 L stock
    • 2 lemons
    • 200 g caster sugar
    • 2 leeks (measuring about 8 cm each) sliced lengthways
    • Fleur de sel
    • Salt and freshly ground pepper


    1. Press the two lemons and set aside the juice.
    2. Cut the juiced lemon halves into cubes and heat with the sugar and just enough water to cover, then mix the contents until you have a smooth and thick lemon sauce.
    3. Add the olive oil to the sauce, then add just enough lemon juice to make it pleasantly acidic and finally season it.
    4. Cook the leeks in boiling water, drain and add fresh butter.
    5. Poach the fish in the boiling stock.
    6. Serve them once ready with the tomme cheese and sprinkle fleur de sel and pepper and the lemon sauce, on a warm bed of seasoned leek.