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    Spice variations

    Variations sur les épices Thierry Thorens

    Knowing the full range of spices and how to use them, not just to follow a recipe, but to create complex flavours and make new combinations, above all to his own special blend… this is what Thierry Thorens offers in his book on spice variations.

    More than 50 spices feature, from the commonest to the most unusual: tea, coffee, cacao, but also juniper, myrtle or liquorice, with more than 300 original recipes, from salads to soup and starters, main courses, puddings warm and cold, conserves and drinks. Thorens also reveals the essential art of mixing flavours, so important in Eastern cooking and permitting almost endless variations. Lastly, the author explains how to make oils, vinegars and spiced butter… a “mille-feuille” of invitations to encourage the reader to try something new. You never tire of cooking with spices and playing with them.

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