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    The taste of flowers

    Le goût des fleurs Thierry Thorens

    Thierry Thorens encourages us to pick roses, lavender and jasmine, but also poppies, violets and dandelion flowers, elderflower, cherry and lime blossom… Back in the kitchen the harvest is used to make original recipes: thousand-flower minestrone, oyster mushroom and nasturtium samad, pan-fried guinea fowl with apples and milfoil yarrow, rose and nut vinaigrette, mango and strawberry tart with jasmine, Britanny cake with violet, poppy jelly…

    With no less than 70 wild or garden flowers featured, along with detailed preparation advice (crystallised flowers, flavoured oils or vinegars, flower salts…) not to mention 300 original recipes (from starter to pudding, not forgetting drinks), this recipe book offers the reader plenty of opportunities to explore the astonishing possibilities of cooking with flowers, an alliance of aesthetics and a love of good food.

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