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    Take your big pants

    Went for lunch one day waiting a simple pizza but the portions are enormous and extremely rich, no scrimping on the cheeses here! We had our leftovers put into a box though so didn't feel too bad about only eating about a third of a pizza each. We ate outside but the decor within was amazing, very hip and unusual, a water feature int he basement with a lounge atmosphere would make for a cool evening venue in the winter. Staff v attentive too.


    24 July 2015

    Paris cooking in the mountains

    Thierry Thorens has moved on from his pork specialities and has something for everyone: finest dining, pizza and cheaper end food, a cheese bar in the basement, and the Coup de Coeur wine bar across the road. And one can sit outside for the cheaper end stuff. I ate one of the best meals I have ever had in Morzine in 22 years. Correction - THE BEST. Service prompt and friendly and well informed. Good wine list, with bankruptcy-making top end offerings for visiting oligarchs, but an electric selection of reasonably priced wines. Starters, mains and cheese all professionally prepared: a joy to the eye and the palate. We'll certainly visit next time we are in the area.

    Robert MBE 2014
    21 June 2015

    Top notch dining

    We were very pleasantly surprised to find such a sophisticated restaurant in a ski resort and bowled over by their 'cheese board' which has to be seen to be believed. Ate there twice, loved all the dishes and the delicate vegetable and fruit adornments on the mains plate. Four of us shared a cheese platter which was sublime - really well kept cheese from the Savoy - just perfect.

    8 February 2015
    Trip Advisor

    Outstanding food

    We wondered into this restaurant without reading TripAdvisor first, so had no preconceptions of the food or service.

    Reading back other reviews after our experience is a shock, the food we had was outstanding, displayed well, with many different flavours ( I wouldn't have been able to pinpoint most of them with my eyes closed) which worked brilliantly together.

    Maybe we got a good night, and chose well, I had the parmesan lamb, my partner had duck pie, both were as good as each other.

    The desserts were also a great mix of flavours, who came up with the mixes I have no idea but I certainly wouldn't be able to replicate them in the kitchen.

    Service was fine, with a smile, and although the price is a little higher than other places, the portions were very large and we had to order desserts just for the fear of missing out on something great if we didn't.

    Judging by other reviews, we must have hit it on a good night !

    I would recommend this place without hesitation.

    5 February 2015
    Trip Advisor

    Take my advice: try it !

    I visited Morzine during the February holidays and went to La Chamade one afternoon for hot chocolate and crepes, which were delicious. The young waiter was so kind that we decided to go back one evening to eat there, which we did, and it was the same young waiter who served us, this time at an upstairs table. Our meal was delicious and beautifully presented, the service was very quick and professional... in short, we have nothing but positive things to say, save for the red wine being a little too chilled perhaps. So take my advice and try La Chamade !


    1 March 2014
    Avis Trip Advisor

    Unbeatable in Morzine

    In the many years that we've been coming to La Chamade, the place has never stopped evolving and growing... what will they do next ! The new decor is very smart indeed and the menu is as appetising as ever. You certainly eat well there and can even find vegetables you won't get anywhere else... basically, La Chamade remains one of our favourite places to eat in Morzine !

    18 February 2014
    Avis Trip Advisor

    Falling for La Chamade !

    Well done Valerie and Thierry for their successful renovation ! It's superb, and shows that it was worth trying something modern in Morzine, with superbe furniture and sculptures by the artistic chef himself. We ate facing the kitchens and the chef produced something fantastic, as usual. The service was impeccable, the atmosphere friendly and relaxing. When you go, be sure to go downstairs for a surprise in a vault, or cross the road where you'll fall for the Coup de Coeur ! There's nothing better after a day's skiing than trying the sommelier's suggestions! We'll be going back again in March and again in the summer, it's a promise !

    Christian P
    7 January 2014
    Avis Trip Advisor

    Keeping everyone happy !

    Firstly, let me say that the two of us eat there every day of our two-week holiday... In the beginning we liked its typical Savoyard facade, and the we were soon impressed with the excellent staff / guest relationship which blossomed early on ( I guess it helps that we're seen as happy people and we've always thought that no waiter is going to smile at any customer - no matter who they are - if they're cold as ice ! Gradually, by tasting the different recipes on offer, it soon became clear to us that this restaurant was different from the rest and the supposed "classic" dining venues close by ( and all over France, for that matter). This place really stands out for us on many levels and we've always been seduced by its look, flavours and taste. As for those who say that the food's just reheated or that the cooking's pretty ordinary ( as some reviews say here), I say they should come and take a seat facing the open-plan kitchen, they'd soon see that it's a no walk in the park for the chefs ! It's also true that the worst criticism often comes from people who expect the impossible and lack empathy... So if you're on holiday in Morzine or simply passing through, I strongly recommend that you work this marvellous venue into your itinerary, because if you enjoy the good things in life, you'll undoubtedly find the same pleasure there that we have...


    2 December 2013
    Avis Trip Advisor

    An excellent surprise

    When we arrived we were worried that it was a bit of a tourist trap, but it turned out to be quite the opposite; we were a bit wary of the main courses that seemed a little pricey, and because it was so hot outside we didn't fancy the fondue, so we chose a pizza instead (€11) and the Express Menu ( starter + main course + dessert for €15, see the photos, it's a great deal ! ) Everything was excellent, delicate and full of flavour. The little vegetables made an excellent starter - thin slices of celeriac marinated in cinnamon syrup, along with all sorts of other flavours and combinations that we couldn't always fathom !

    The most original find was the children's menu, since you can either have the classic €6 deal ( minced steak or chicken nuggets + fries + ice cream), or as we did, melted chocolate pudding with raspberry ice cream (see the photos ! ). It was a big and full of flavour as the grown-up menus ! Add to that the typical Savoyard decor - ceramic water jugs, bells and artwork featuring cows and pigs - and you soon get the idea that this is a welcoming place !


    30 August 2013
    Avis Trip Advisor

    It's always a treat !

    In all the years that we've been coming to Morzine, we always make our "pilgrimage" to La Chamade. The cooking is always delicious, hearty and inventive...A real treat for the tastebuds !

    Depuis ces quelques années que nous passons des vacances à Morzine, nous allons en "pèlerinage" à la Chamade. La cuisine y est toujours délicieuse, copieuse et inventive... Un véritable festival pour les papilles !

    Michel F
    27 July 2013
    Avis Trip Advisor

    We keep going back !

    We visit Morzine every two years for the Harley Days festival and each time we do (four times and counting) we go to La Chamade at least twice during our stay. It's a restaurant that offers refinement and originality. There's something for all tastes (pizza, fondue, salads...) and service is quick even though it's busy ! The main dining room has just been renovated and extended so there's more space than before, and the interior decoration looks great too. The kitchens are also on view... so if you're going to Morzine, try La Chamaden you won't be disappointed !

    For us, we've tried other restaurants but La Chamade is still the best.


    Clotilde M
    15 July 2013
    Avis Trip Advisor

    A restaurant that's a bit different... a rare find !

    We've been coming to Morzine at least twice a year for a long time now and tried lots of restaurants in the village. At La Chamade the cooking  is refined, innovative, original and high quality, with plenty of more straightforward menu choices including pizzas and salad. Everything's made using good ingredients and there's certainly plenty of it ! Every time we've been there we've tasted something new. Prices vary according to what you choose and the restaurant is suitable for all budgets. The staff are friendly and attentive; even better, the restaurant doesn't just open for the winter and summer months. It's a must !

    7 May 2013
    Avis Trip Advisor