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    Cooking at La Chamade

    An alliance of tradition and authenticity

    Cooking at La Chamade restaurant, c’est nous appuyer sur la tradition et l’authenticité de beaucoup de produits régionaux afin de défendre une culture de vie de montagne. Vous accueillir et vous servir dans notre restaurant à Morzine, c’est aussi définir notre relation et nos convictions les plus intimes avec la montagne et l’environnement qui nous entoure. Dans un établissement rénové fin 2013, notre Chef Thierry THORENS vous fera découvrir sa cuisine raffinée dans une ambiance familiale et chaleureuse : un moment de plaisir à partager en famille ou entre amis.

    Personality…and surprises

    Shaking things with new ingredients…it’s a way of toying with our omnivorous qualities, but also of developing our gastronomic intelligence and curiosity. Today, using spices, we offer cooking that’s full of character and something unexpected too. Our philosophy pushes us to give the utmost respect to everything we prepare in the kitchen, from the way it’s cooked to its texture, and we present our creations either around the main ingredient  or separately, an instinctive, inquisitive approach that varies according to what’s available and in season, using little pots, spoonfuls, syringes, plates or earthenware dishes.

    Our menu

    Wine and cheese-tasting

    Before sitting down for dinner or aperitifs, why not take a moment to try something new in our wine bar opposite the restaurant, Le Coup de Coeur. It’s the ideal place to explore La Chamade’s wine cellar. For those who enjoy local culture, why not visit our Cheese Bar exhibition venue, downstairs at the restaurant. The choice of cheese is unparalleled, with nothing but the best varieties from the region just waiting to be enjoyed with a glass of wine.

    The Coup de CoeurCheese Bar