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    Astonishing vegetables

    Etonnants légumes Thierry Thorens

    With nearly 400 simple recipes that are often unexpected but always delicious, Thierry Thorens invites readers to share his passion for the humble vegetable. Whether they’re served as a main course or as an accompaniment or to embellish a dish, for Thorens, vegetables are an essential part of what makes a tasty meal. Confined for too long to the world of health foods, vegetables are today abundant and a potential delight for all food-lovers.

    From the most common produce (potatoes or tomatoes) to the rarest ( Chinese artichoke or cardoon), and from the most noble (asparagus or aubergine) to the most reviled ( turnip or lentil), not forgetting exotic vegetables, all have their place in this recipe book, with 10 or so recipes for each to show off their rich diversity.

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