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    Alp’s Almanach

    Almanach des Alpes gourmandes Thierry Thorens

    In the Order of Compagnon Cuisiniers of which I am a member. I’m know as the “Savoyard who gives it his all”. And in Morzine, the village where I took over as chef from my grandfather, father, and uncle after a long apprenticeship with renowned chefs, including Paul Bocuse, I cook with passion, sustained by my Savoyard roots which I’ve inherited and according to the modern ideals that I hold dear.

    In the mountains, perhaps more than anywhere, the rhythm of our lives continues to be didacted by the changing seasons, ever-changing responsibilities and the foods produced by Mother Nature and man. If, from now on every ingredient can be sourced anywhere and at any time of year, natural constraints — such as tradition — are important frames of reference that I strive to bring to the fore.

    Rather than having to wade through reams of text, I decided that an almanac was the best place to put my culinary thoughts and experience. Month by month, I detail the traditions and know-how of mountain communities, either those that have been relayed to me or those that I’ve learned myself. So the almanach’s as much about daily life as it is animal husbandry and breeding, village fairs, work, beliefs and knowledge. Harvests both real and virtual take pride of place, since traditional know-how contains many useful lessons. As for foods that we associate most with mountain cooking – cheese, cured meats, fruits and potatoes – isn’t it true that we appreciate them all the more and use them more when we know their history and how they’re made ?

    A vision of everyday life

    In my Alps’ Almanach I describe the everyday life and traditions of yesteryear which shaped the culinary heritage that I celebrate with my traditional dishes and recipe suggestions. There are more than 150 recipes and I hope they give you the flavour of the mountains you’re looking for.

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